Dolphins disrupt the final of the French jet ski championship

Dolphins Disturb the Final of the Jet Ski Championship of France in Ajaccio

NUISANCE: Unless it’s the other way around The presence of a school of dolphins in the Gulf of Ajaccio caused Saturday the interruption of the championship of France endurance jet ski. “We had to stop the competition four times. The dolphins have been there for two days, they have fun with the jets, they jump, “said Nathalie Roldan, president of the […]

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Volotea offers flights from Lille to Corsica from 2 Euros

Flights to Corsica for Less than 2 Euros from Lille Lesquin Airport!

The Spanish company Volotea is launching a new promotional campaign. From Lille Lesquin airport, fly to Corsica for less than 2 euros! Good plan alert! The Spanish company Volotea is once again talking about it with tickets for less than 2 euros for Corsica , departing from Lille Lesquin airport (Nord). At this price, tickets are available for the end of August, only for Ajaccio. Very interesting […]

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New fires have broken out in Corsica

Corsica: Ajaccio Fires Start in the Back Country

FIRES: The fires in Corsica are losing progression towards housing … New fires are reported by Corse Matin in the back countryof Ajaccio, Appietto in Corsica. The emergency services were on site to try to control them quickly. VIDÉO. L’incendie d’Appietto progresse sur les habitations — Corse-Matin ???? (@Corse_Matin) August 2, 2017 Deux départ de feu dans l’arrière-pays […]

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