Toyota unveils its autonomous shuttles

Toyota Unveils the e-Palette, its Autonomous Shuttle

TRANSPORT: The Toyota e-Palette autonomous vehicle can carry up to 20 passengers at a time In 2018, Toyota presented a versatile autonomous vehicle concept, the e-Palette. A sort of minibus that can accommodate up to 20 people at a time which was initially supposed to facilitate the transport of athletes and staff during the Tokyo Olympics last July. Unfortunately, due […]

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More than half of the population in China is overweight

China: More than Half of Chinese now Overweight, Report Finds

HEALTH: Overweight also affects children and adolescents in China: 20% of 6-17 year olds are affected by this public health problem which causes a large number of pathologies. It is also an effect of confinement: the lack of movement and physical activity may increase obesity problems around the world. More than half of Chinese adults are now overweight, according […]

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Matthieu Robin, bank-insurance project manager at UFC-Que Choisir, sounds the alarm on the risks of over-indebtedness

Over-Indebtedness: “Contrary to What the Advertisements Say, There is a Cost to Consumer Credit”

INTERVIEW: Matthieu Robin, bank-insurance project manager at UFC-Que Choisir, sounds the alarm on the risks of over-indebtedness The consumer association UFC-Que Choisir launches an alert on “the irresponsible distribution of consumer credit”, faced with an expected increase in 2021 in defaults on consumer credit. It also points to the role of “push-to-crime” advertisements from credit institutions, […]

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Aptera is launching a lightweight 3 wheel electric car

Aptera: The Electric Car with… Infinite Autonomy!

AUTO: Aptera launches a 100% electric car capable of driving without ever having to recharge. Its secret? Solar panels on the roof and exceptional aerodynamics A small American manufacturer is therefore launching this first three-wheel electric vehicle, characterized by a record aerodynamic coefficient: 0.13, which is even less than the mirrors of a pick-up! Thanks to this and to a weight […]

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The MG EHS, a plugin Hybrid SUV

MG Breaks Prices Again with its Plugin Hybrid SUV

AUTO: After a 100% electric SUV, the Chinese brand MG now offers the second SUV in France. Rather livable and offered with a powerful plugin hybrid engine, this EHS will not exceed the bar of 35,000 €. Behind the well-known English badge, it is now the Chinese group SAIC that we find. MG recently returned to the Old Continent […]

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The Ford Puma is now offered in an automatic gearbox version and in a Diesel version.

Auto Test: The Ford Puma Now in Auto and Diesel Gearbox Versions

To complete the range of the Puma, already provided with petrol and light hybridization, Ford equips it with a 120 hp Diesel and an automatic transmission on a 125 hp petrol engine … non-hybrid. The return of the Puma to the Ford sphere in 2020 was an immediate success. It owes it first to its style of small stocky SUV of 4.19 m, its […]

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Coronavirus: Why has the crisis greatly degraded our sleep?

Coronavirus: Why Has The Crisis Greatly Degraded Our Sleep?

TROUBLES: The Kanopée application, launched by the head of the sleep medicine service at Bordeaux University Hospital, aims to take stock of his sleep hygiene and more generally his state of mental health during the coronavirus crisis. Complaints of insomnia among the French have tripled with the coronavirus Covid-19 crisis. The general climate and the loss […]

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Beware of the false promotions on the internet this Black Friday

Black Friday: Beware of False promotions on the Internet!

The “UFC- Que Choisir” site has shown, with supporting examples, that several online giants have false promotions for Black Friday.  The “UFC- Que Choisir” site has shown, with supporting examples, that several online giants have taken very great liberties with real fake exaggerated promotions. With a known system, that of artificially inflating prices to give the impression that […]

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In winter, don't leave your cat locked up at home. He needs to go out even though his daily walk is shorter.

This Winter, How Can I Protect My Cat From The Cold?

Do you know the dream life of a cat? Sleep by the fireplace or on a radiator. Even if the temperatures drop, that’s no reason to leave them confined. With the drop in temperatures, the temptation is great to leave our cat inside our home. However, winter is not the enemy of the cat! The cold can even have beneficial effects on the […]

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We have selected ten titles among the best video games of the year 2020

On PS4, PS5 and XBox. Our Pick of the Best Video Games of 2020 for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you want to give video games. Are you hesitating? You will find your happiness among these titles released in 2020, which we have tested and selected for you! Christmas is approaching and you want to please by offering, or by treating yourself, video games, among the best released in 2020 on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5  or Xbox? You’re […]

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