Emmanuel Macron: “France Can Not Welcome Everyone if it Wants to Welcome Well”

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Emmanuel Macron in New York on September 24, 2019.

A few days before the opening of the debate on immigration to Parliament, President Emmanuel Macron spoke on this topic in an interview with Europe 1.

Emmanuel Macron believes that “France can not accommodate everyone if it wants to welcome well,” wishing to avoid “simplistic debates” on this topic, in an interview to Europe 1 recorded from New York and broadcast Wednesday 25th September 2019.

“I believe in the truth ‘at the same time’ on migration policy too,” says the head of state, who assumes the debate he launched in front of the parliamentarians of the majority on 16 September. He pleads for “being human and effective” and “out of certain postures in which we are locked up”, between “good conscience” and “false hard”.

A few days before the debate on immigration scheduled for the National Assembly (September 30th) and the Senate (October 2nd), the President added:

“To continue to welcome everyone worthily, we must not be too attractive a country. “

As for the state medical aid (AME) for immigrants, he wants to “evaluate” his “basket of care”, questioning the possibility of “excess”, while considering that to remove it would be “ridiculous”.


“It would be a mistake to say that the migration issue is a taboo issue or that, in a way, we could only ask it when there are crises,” he said, pointing out that “France is a country of migration. at all times “, and wishing to approach this debate in an” extremely peaceful “way.

It acknowledges that it has “failed to keep” the commitment made in Orleans in July 2017 and that there has been a huge increase in the number of asylum seekers, due to insufficient cooperation in Europe.

He also admits a “failure” on deportations at the border because “the proceedings take too long”. “At European level, we must work to truly have common rules of asylum,” he insists.

Emmanuel Macron declines the axes of the policy to follow according to him, first “as quickly as possible to give asylum to those who need our protection”. Then, “to integrate much more effectively those who are entitled to asylum: more French courses, a stronger employment policy”.

“We must treat and protect all those who are on our territory for themselves and for us, but here too we must do it with reason, keep our senses, and analyze whether there are any excesses that exist, and I think they exist in certain categories. “

“And then we have to renew much more effectively the people who are not destined to remain in the territory because they entered illegally”.

“If we can do that, I can tell you that we would be a country that lives up to its values” and that would constitute “an economic opportunity”, concludes the President of the Republic, who does not want a “Country in which sometimes we add misery to misery”.

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