A 44 year old man was found tortured and dead in Nantes

Nantes: A 44 year old Man Tortured and Killed at his Home

His tortured body was found on December 23, at his home in the Chantenay neighbourhood. Three people, including two teenagers aged 15 and 16, were arrested Thursday. The day before, her mother had come to his door in vain. On December 23, she entered the small apartment of her son, aged 44 years. No partner […]

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The weather in Mayenne is expected to be wet and windy today

Weather in Mayenne. Variable Cloudiness and Wind this Saturday

Mild temperatures are still on the agenda but the the weather in Mayenne will be marked by instability on Saturday. With minimum temperatures between 6 ° C and 8 ° C and maximum between 9 ° C and 12 ° C, the mild temperatures remain with us this Saturday, January 2, 2016, but the weather in Mayenne […]

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Mosque in Valence Attacked

Valence: A Man Drives at Four Soldiers Posted Outside a Mosque

The soldiers shot and wounded the driver of the car, who was of North African origin according to witnesses … A man identified as being of North African origin, drove his car at four soldiers on guard outside the Grand Mosque of Valence, causing a military response that injured the driver, whose motives remained unknown. The man, […]

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At 3pm, swimmers will take to the sea at Saint-Gilles

At 3 pm, it will be time to take the plunge at Saint-Gilles

It’s almost time to meet the first challenge of the year 2016: to offer a swim on the 1st January at Saint Gilles, at 3pm. To celebrate the new year 2016, the 4-20-5 brand, SGXV shop and the municipality of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie launched the challenge to all vendee Vendee and to swim in the Atlantic Ocean. […]

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Fatal accident in Normandy

Mysterious Fatal Accident on the A13 in Normandy

An accident killed one person on the night from Saturday to Sunday on the A13, near Rouen (76). The circumstances are mysterious. The information was revealed on Sunday by the Normandy News.  Around 4am in the night from Saturday to Sunday, a fatal accident occurred on the A13 in the direction Rouen-Caen, between Trouville-la-Rivière and Oissel, […]

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CCTV to be installed at Petit-Mars

Petit-Mars: CCTV at Fernand-Sastre sports complex

The Sports building at Petit-Mars undergoes regular damage. The Mayor has decided to install four cameras there. The town of Petit-Mars turns to the Fernand-Sastre of CCTV sports complex. The building regularly undergoes degradation (tags, tamper attempts, forced doors and locks …), which entail a cost for the small local village.  Four CCTV cameras, including […]

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Weather, record temperatures recorded in Anjou

Weather: We Experienced the Warmest Christmas Ever Known in Anjou

The absolute record was broken with 15.6 ° temperature in Beaucouzé, this December 25th.And it is not finished. It will be still warmer Monday before a great degradation. “We have never reached such a temperature, confirms Mathieu Dauphin, engineer at Meteo France, the Beaucouzé station. It made ​​15.6 ° at Christmas. The previous record was in […]

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Appeal for witnesses after 42 year old man from Bouaye goes missing

Bouaye: 42 Year old Resident disappeared, Appeal for Witnesses

The Rezé gendarmerie launches an appeal for witnesses after the disappearance of Mickael Leduc, living in Bouaye. This man of 42 years has not been heard from since Monday, December 21. The investigations of the police allowed “to determine that it would be out of his home to Saint-Viaud, at a place called” La Bernerie […]

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The weather in Mayenne, promises a sunny and cloudy day

Weather in Mayenne: Sun and Clouds this Saturday, December 26th

Météo France announces a sunny day interspersed with cloudy for this Saturday, December 26th. Temperatures should not exceed ten degrees. The clouds will not be rain clouds and the day should see plenty of sunny episodes.  According to Meteo France, this should be the tone of the day this Saturday, December 26th in Mayenne.  Temperatures should not […]

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