Sunday in Cherbourg: No rain, Only Solutions …

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Plenty of activities in Cherbourg this Sunday

When the weather is not conducive to coastal walks or outdoor activities, there are plenty of opportunities for small and large on Sundays in Cherbourg.

Culture / Entertainment

  • 3 cinemas : the Mega CGR and the Odeon in Cherbourg and the Palace in Equeurdreville which broadcasts films of authors, films in original version and regularly proposes debate evenings. Although the VO is not yet widespread in Cherbourg, the Mega CGR now offers a session in English subtitled for American blockbusters from time to time.
  • 2 Escape Game  : Escape Yourself and Get Out . Both located in Tourlaville, the principle is to go out in less than 60 minutes of a room by solving riddles with the help of his friends or colleagues. For example, Escape Yourself offers you the mystery of an art collector or the antidote of a deadly virus.
  • The city of the sea  : perfect for taking care of your children thanks to the giant aquarium and the many activities that are dedicated to them, it will also delight the biggest with its thematic exhibitions and the opportunity to board the largest submarine visitable. world.
  • Le Manoir du Tourp : open every day from 14h to 18h, why not take the opportunity to discover the exhibitions of the moment that are renewed regularly? If the weather is not too bad, you can even enjoy a breather to go around the mansion.
  • Museums are also open on Sundays: find information on the Thomas Henry Museum, the Museum of Liberation and the Emmanuel-Liais Museum on the site of the city of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin .


  • Cotent’indoor  : also located in Tourlaville, it will be possible in this multi-sports complex to practice indoor football or its delusional version, bubble football, squash and Padèl. You will also find a bar and a relaxation area where sports competitions are broadcast.
  • The laser game  : located next to the Get Out, two labyrinths with floor, plunged in darkness and smoke are proposed to challenge your friends.


  • The Sharebourg  association (of share = share in English) regularly organizes solidarity activities or sharing on Sunday.Whether it is workshops of furniture confection in pallet, salvage workshops (Tetra Pak coin purses, bags in old jeans, manufacture of pnoufs …), barter, thrift stores, participative picnics or even gardening sessions at shared gardens, there is something to look after. For rainy Sundays, some of these activities are organized indoors. Feel free to follow them on their facebook page to be kept informed of their news.



  • During the school holidays, the Funbox , a children’s play park, is open every day from 10am to 7pm.
  • Also think of the municipal pools or aquatic center that are open on Sunday mornings.

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