Does Elisabeth Borne Have the Right to Vape in the Assembly and the Senate?

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Does Elisabeth Borne have the right to vape in the Assembly and Senate

Antoine Léaument, an LFI deputy, was moved to see the Prime Minister on Monday, electronic cigarette in hand during a vote. Elisabeth Borne is however not authorized to vape within the two assemblies

  • Present in the Assembly on Monday due to the vote of a statement of censure against her government, Elisabeth Borne was seen with an electronic cigarette in her hand. She had also been photographed within the Senate.
  • The Prime Minister is however not authorized to vape within the hemicycle of the Senate and the Assembly.
  • She faces a fine of up to 150 euros.

The Prime Minister was once again seen with an electronic cigarette on Monday when she was in the National Assembly for the vote of a statement of censure against her government filed by the Nupes . It was LFI deputy Antoine Léaument who posted a photo of Elisabeth Borne, electronic cigarette in hand. “She smokes discreetly in the middle of a session? asks the elected Nupes.

The Prime Minister has already been seen several times with this accessory at hand in the hemicycle. When she was Minister of Labor, she had been seen with the electronic cigarette and her mask.

The scene was also repeated in the Senate, where in March, the Prime Minister came with an electronic cigarette to attend a session of questions to the government. Elisabeth Borne was even filmed using an electronic cigarette while she was at the Assembly. Maxime Minot, an LR deputy, was moved by it at the start of 2021.

She faces a fine of up to 150 euros

However, the Prime Minister is not authorized to vape in the Senate hemicycle, as confirmed by the institution. She also does not have the right to do so within the National Assembly, the latter had explained to Liberation.

According to the website, it is forbidden to vape in collective workplaces without public reception. Anyone who defies the ban incurs a fine of up to 150 euros. However, the law authorizes vaping in workplaces open to the public. The Chamber of the National Assembly is not considered to be a place open to the public, therefore the ban applies there. The galleries and grandstands are open to the public. Same rule in the Senate, where, to follow the session, you have to sit in the stands.

It is not only in the Assembly or the Senate that Elisabeth Borne takes an electronic cigarette. In November, a short sequence where we saw Elisabeth Borne vaping for a few moments near children in Matignon circulated a lot.

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