Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on June 12, 2019 at the National Assembly.

Tax cuts, PMAs, Unemployment, Retirement: What to Remember from Edouard Philippe’s Speech

The Prime Minister was speaking to the Assembly on Wednesday 12th June 2019 for his second general policy speech, which is to launch the works of Act II of the government “For two years now we have been governing and there is always urgency,” said Edouard Philippe in the preamble of his second policy statement on Wednesday, […]

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La Republique en Marche will have 521 candidates for the Legislative elections

Legislative: 521 Candidates for LREM and Friends Spared

The national nomination committee (INC) candidate of La Republique en Marche (LREM), the movement of Emmanuel Macron has completed its work and made a list of 521 names published on Wednesday. Of these 521 names, half (261) are women, including “at least 50%” in constituencies “winnable”, told Reuters the secretary general of the CNI, Samuel Deguara. LREM had first […]

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MPs have voted for the inclusion of the State of Emergency into the Constitution

The Assembly voted the inclusion of the State of Emergency into the Constitution

MPs voted on Monday night to the inclusion of the state of emergency in the fundamental law of the Constitution. The French Parliament adopted on Monday by 103 votes against 26, Article I of the bill in the constitution the state of emergency in place in the wake of the attacks of 13 November. This […]

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Manuel Valls

Valls to use Article 49-3 again – When Necessary

Yesterday the French Government managed to survive the vote of no confidence, when a “motion de censure” intended to stop controversial economic reforms was defeated by 55 votes. In the vote 234 voted in favour of the motion – 55 short of the 289 votes needed to secure an absolute majority in the National Assembly. It […]

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