Northwest Weather: Three Planned Storms, Friday to Sunday

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Three storms should hit this weekend on the northwest corner of France

Gone is the bitter cold and ice. This also means that we are no longer in anticyclonic regime. But the Northwest weather forecast is for several winter depressions coming from the Atlantic. Three of them should arrive on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, bringing some violent high winds.

Ah, how sweet! Here come back to positive temperatures of 8 to 15 degrees in the North of France, even better further South … The anticyclonic weather earlier this year, which were blowing northerly winds across France making the temperatures plummet has now gone, but a new low pressure weather front from the Atlantic is heading this way.

This is forecast by Meteo France to cause violent storms on the west coast of France – even inland.

All western regions concerned

It will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Three storms should succeed quickly, the last two piggybacking on the first, crossing the Atlantic in just four days.

In these three, they will affect all western regions: Brittany, pays de la Loire, Loire Valley and Normandy. The first two will be swept away by violent gusts of west southwestly winds; the third will initially be more influenced by southeast winds, and then in turn struck a violent westerly air stream.

The swell and waves, both strong and cross, should reach high values. The only consolation: we arrive almost in the heart of neap with coefficients between 71 (Friday morning) and 54 (Sunday night), which should limit the risk of submersion by high waves.

Nevertheless: at sea, on the coast as inland, from Friday morning to Sunday evening, the greatest vigilance will be needed.

Those who are interested will find below forecasts from NOAA cards (American weather) and some West regarding wind fields.

NOAA forecast map for Wednesday, February 1:

NOAA Weather Forecast for Wednesday

Note the mention of “Hurricane force” (surrounded by a black circle).

NOAA forecast map for Thursday, February 2:

NOAA Weather forecast map for Thursday

Note the speed with which this secondary depression crosses the Atlantic (successive black circles) to be grafted on the flow of major depression.

NOAA forecast map for Friday, February 3:

NOAA weather forecast map for Friday

Note the mention of “Hurricane force” (surrounded by a black circle) and wind symbol (see box below) indicating 65 knots or 120 km / h basis, gusts can be much stronger.

NOAA forecast map for Saturday, February 4:

NOAA Weather forecast for Saturday

Note that the fields of strong winds affect the entire western coast of France.

Wind fields planned for Friday, February 3 in the middle of the afternoon:

The wind forecast for Northwest France

The Loire Valley is primarily concerned (purple triangles indicate core winds of 50 knots or 90 km/h).

Wind fields planned for Saturday, February 4 at mid-afternoon:

Strong winds forecast to hit Northwest France over the next few days

The most violent wind fields across the Channel, but the entire western side of France is affected by strong winds.

Symbols wind weather maps:
Wind speed symbols
NOAA cards are not directly outputs computers and other computers. They are repeatedly amended and corrected by a forecaster. He even signs his name. Look at the top left of the first map shown: “FCSTR Shaw”.

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