Weather in Nantes: Forecasts for Saturday 29th April 2023

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The weather forecast for Nantes

WEATHER FORECAST: Today, in Nantes the appearance of the sun will be delayed by some clouds. The sky will gradually darken with the appearance of clouds.  Temperatures will be 14°C in the morning and 19°C in the afternoon…

The sky will be overcast in Nantes during the day. The weather will gradually cover with the arrival of clouds. The values ​​will display between 9°C and 20°C. A northeast wind will blow lightly. It will average 14°C in the morning. Thinnings are expected: we will spend a pleasant afternoon. The weather will warm up with an increase of several degrees. The highs can reach 20°C and the lows will be 18°C. It is to a sky covered with clouds that it will be necessary to expect the evening. The thermometer will show an average of 17°C. We will go from Saturday to Sunday on a foggy night.

The clouds will be present tomorrow in Nantes. Temperatures will range between 11 and 18°C. On the other hand, the weather should improve during the morning. A light southeasterly breeze will blow. Tomorrow afternoon, we will be under a very gloomy sky, covered with clouds. Showers will fall. The values ​​will be between 16 and 18°C. Showers are expected tomorrow evening. The city will occasionally be in the rain. A north wind will blow slightly, with 5 km/h.

The weather conditions of the following days will gradually change. After stable weather on Monday, the situation will change on Tuesday.

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