Coronavirus: Before the Holidays, the Number of Tests on the Rise

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Before the holidays, the number of coronavirus tests on the rise in France

EPIDEMIC: Since March 1st, more than 33 million the number of PCR (32 million) and antigen (1.5 million) tests have been carried out in France

Better to be safe than sorry. This is obviously the strategy chosen by many French people who were tested before Christmas. Some 2.35 million tests were carried out last week, an increase of more than 50% in one week, “no doubt in connection with the approach of the end of the year holidays”, said Thursday the Drees, the statistical service of social ministries.

The previous week, 1.4 million tests (PCR and antigens) had been performed. In total, more than 33 million the number of PCR (32 million) and antigen (1.5 million) tests have been carried out in France since March 1, according to figures from Drees.

The number of antigen tests tripled

This increase is mainly due to the surge in the number of antigenic tests, the share of which represented 29.9% of all screenings carried out in France last week, against 19.6% the previous week.

Only practised since October, antigenic tests deliver a result in 15 to 30 minutes and can be done in pharmacies without an appointment, which explains their attractiveness. Their number “has almost tripled in a week,” said Drees. In addition, the deadlines for rendering PCR tests “continue to shorten”, notes the statistical service. Last week, 87% (+7 points) of them delivered a result within 24 hours.

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