Coronavirus: No, the Date of a Third Confinement Has Not Been Decided by the Government

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No, the date of a third confinement has not been decided by the government

Several viral publications on social networks announce the implementation of the third confinement from January 4th to fight coronavirus epidemic. 

Everything would already be planned. According to several viral publications on social networks, third confinement to fight against the Coronavirus epidemic would already be scheduled from “the 4th January until February 21st, 2021”. A preposterous announcement, even though France will not come out of the second confinement until next December 15th at the earliest, on condition of falling below 5,000 new daily cases of Covid-19 – a prospect which, one week from the deadline, now seems unrealistic.

Viral publications announce a third confinement between the month of January and the month of February
Viral publications announce a third confinement between the month of January and the month of February. – Tom Hollmann

The Facebook posts announcing confinement in early January, viewed several million times, all include the same tweet published on Sunday morning. In the latter, a user evokes a “meeting at the hospital” of the city in which he resides during which the new dates of confinement would have been announced to the “hospital teams”. According to the author of the tweet, the management would even have the new derogatory certificates.

True or False?

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health said that these comments “clearly only rumour”, and that it was not in the government’s plans to plan a third confinement for the moment. “If the figures oblige us, every day, to be vigilant, we are working so that the French can come out, and not the opposite! 

Also contacted, the Interministerial Crisis Center of the Ministry of the Interior formally denied the planning of a third confinement and the existence of new certificates of exceptional displacement. The latter, in order to exist, would have to be associated with new restrictive measures, which the government has not yet announced.

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