MG Breaks Prices Again with its Plugin Hybrid SUV

The MG EHS, a plugin Hybrid SUV

AUTO: After a 100% electric SUV, the Chinese brand MG now offers the second SUV in France. Rather livable and offered with a powerful plugin hybrid engine, this EHS will not exceed the bar of 35,000 €.

Behind the well-known English badge, it is now the Chinese group SAIC that we find. MG recently returned to the Old Continent with a good surprise: the ZS EV, a good quality 100% electric SUV, offered at a reasonable price. And the brand seems ready to do the same thing again.


The MG EHS is now entering the upper segment, with a fairly spacious 4.57-meter-long SUV. Exit the 100% electric unit, here we find a rechargeable hybrid engine combining a gasoline engine and an electric motor, for a cumulative power of 258 horsepower.

The interior space of the MG EHS plugin hybrid SUV
The interior space of the MG EHS plugin hybrid SUV (Photo: DR)

Average autonomy

Fully electric, the displayed autonomy is 52 km. The batteries are recharged in 4h30 on a conventional electrical outlet. CO2 emissions are set at 43 g CO2 / km. MG also does not skimp on security equipment and multimedia options, which prove to be in line with what competitors do in the segment. Despite this, the MG EHS will be offered at an attractive price of € 34,000, which is almost… € 10,000 less than a Peugeot 3008 Hybrid, although it is less spacious and less powerful.

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