Coronavirus in Toulouse: “Everyone Hates Confinement” … The Demonstration of the Fed Up

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Coronavirus in Toulouse: "Everyone hates confinement" , demonstration of the fed up

Some 120 people demonstrated Thursday evening in the streets of Toulouse against the new confinement measures for the coronavirus

“Yellow vests” atmosphere in Toulouse. The hours leading up to the re-confinement were hot in downtown Toulouse. Young, older, masks often raised or on their chin, some 120 people protested loudly against the confinement, creating traffic jams at the time of preparations and forcing the police to fire tear gas.

Protesters marched shouting for “freedom” or “everyone hates confinement”.

Another demonstration, bringing together according to AFP, 90 people at the height of the mobilization, took place in the streets of Castres, the sub-prefecture of Tarn. In particular, it brought together traders.

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