Coronavirus: Nearly 3,500 People in Intensive Care in France

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3500 people in intensive care because of the coronavirus in France

EPIDEMIC: There have been 339 new coronavirus admissions since Friday

The number of coronavirus Covid-19 patients hospitalised in intensive care or intensive care stood at 3,443 on Saturday, with 339 new admissions since the day before, according to figures from Public Health France. Taking into account the discharges, the number of Covid-19 patients currently in intensive care has increased by 75 since Friday.

The share of patients among those tested (positivity rate) increased slightly, to 20.2%, against 20% the day before. 35,641 new cases of contamination were recorded over 24 hours, against 49,215 the day before, bringing the number of people infected to over 1.3 million. Also over 24 hours, the pandemic caused 224 deaths recorded in hospitals. France thus counts 36,788 deaths due to the epidemic.

Soon more than 7,000 beds in shifts

The number of people hospitalized was 23,013, against 22,153 on Friday (+860). Hospitals have received 2,274 coronavirus patients over the past 24 hours. The number of resuscitation beds, already raised from 5,100 to 5,800 after the first epidemic wave, rose to 6,400 at the start of the week and should soon exceed 7,000, according to the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

Faced with the very strong deterioration of all indicators, France entered second confinement on Friday, however less strict than in the spring. “Yes, confinement is a test for all French people,” the Minister of Health Olivier Véran tweeted on Saturday. “But let me remind you that # covid19 is: 1 patient every 2 seconds. 1 hospitalization every 30 sec. 1 death every 4 mins. Let’s respect this confinement, let’s be united. The State will protect and support ”.

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