Confinement: Florists Authorised to Remain Open until All Saints’ Day

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Florists are allowed to stay open until November 1 due to All Saints Day.

Florists have been given permission to stay open until Sunday evening, All Saints Day. The government spokesperson confirmed this morning.

They are not part of the business called “essential.” However, florists will be able to stay open a little longer than bars or restaurants, for example.

After the announcement of a new confinement by Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday 28th October 2020, businesses considered “non-essential” are forced to close their doors from Friday 30th October.

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Open cemeteries

But with the approach of the feast of All Saints, florists, them, are authorized to maintain their activity until Sunday evening.

It was government spokesman Gabriel Attal who revealed it this Thursday morning on RTL. “The French will be able to flower the graves of their relatives. ”

The day before, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had undertaken to keep the cemeteries open. “I want us to be able to continue to bury our loved ones with dignity,” he added in his speech, watched by 32.7 million viewers.

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