Confinement: Three Travel Certificates, Here’s How to Get Them

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A police officer checks a travel certificate during the first confinement.

Generalised reconfinement is for tonight. To travel during confinement, it will again be necessary to bring certificates. What there is to know.

And once more. It’s gone again for a new confinement, as announced by Emmanuel Macron in a televised address on Wednesday evening.

During the night of Thursday 29th to Friday 30th October 2020, the entire territory is reconfined until December 1st, “at a minimum”, indicated the Head of State, with the exception of Overseas Territories, where “Local adaptations” are planned.

However, it will be possible to travel in certain cases. derogatory travel certificate will then have to be provided again to justify his journey, as was already the case in the 54 departments until then under curfew and during the first confinement. Other derogatory certificates will also be available. We take stock.

The return of the derogatory travel certificate

To leave home, you will need a travel certificate, necessary for:

  • Do your shopping or go to essential stores and open businesses
  • Go to the doctor or pharmacy
  • Visiting vulnerable relatives or for childcare or any compelling family reason
  • Short trips, to get some air within a radius of 1 km or take out your pet
  • Go to a judicial or administrative summons, or go to a public service
  • Participate in missions of general interest (such as marauding or food aid)

It will also be possible to sit for exams or competitions, such as the driving license, the prime minister said.

This certificate must be completed for each trip, in printed version or on plain paper. It can be downloaded from your smartphone. In addition to your name, first name, address, time of departure… you will have to indicate the reason for your trip and the time .

As for the previous times, its validity period is fixed at one hour .

How to get it

This exceptional travel certificate is now  available on the website of the government and the Ministry of the Interior .

It is also available on the TousAntiCovid application, which replaces StopCovid. To use it, you must download the application , which is originally used to identify the chains of contamination with Covid-19.

You can also print it here.

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A new certificate to pick up your children from school

Since schools, colleges and high schools will remain open, a specific certificate has now been created, in order to be able to collect their children.

According to the government, this “permanent” certificate must be provided by the school for home-school trips.

A professional travel certificate

As during confinement, to get to work , no need to fill out a derogatory travel certificate.

Proof of professional travel , provided by the employer for the duration of the confinement, will justify the travel necessary for his professional activity.

“Civil servants and the self-employed will be able to present their professional card or other proof of professional activity”, also specified Jean Castex.

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Fines of 135 euros in case of non-compliance

As for the previous confinement and the curfew, driving without a certificate may give rise to a fine of 135 euros (increased to 375 euros in the event of non-payment or non-dispute within the time limit indicated on the notice of violation).

An amount which increases to 200 euros in the event of a repeat offence within 15 days (increase to 450 euros) and can go up to 3,750 euros and six months’ imprisonment in the event of a third repeat offence in 30 days.

A ” tolerance” will, however, be applied until the end of the All Saints holidays, assured the Head of State, in particular, to allow the return of vacationers in good conditions

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