Schools: Wearing a Mask Now Compulsory for Children from yhe Age of 6

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Wearing a mask will be extended to Primaire school children from the age of 6.

Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed this Thursday 29th  October, before the National Assembly. Wearing a mask will be extended to primary school children from 6 years old.

An eventful morning for Jean CastexWhile addressing the National Assembly this Thursday morning to present to the deputies the details of the reconfinement announced by Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday, October 29, the Prime Minister had to leave the Palais Bourbon in a hurry to go to the Ministry of the Interior after the knife attack that claimed the lives of three people in Nice.

Before that, Jean Castex had time to discuss a few subjects such as wearing a mask at schoolHe confirmed that it “will be extended to primary school children from the age of 6  ” from Monday 2nd November, the day of the start of the school year.

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Reinforced health protocol

“From the start of Monday, the health protocol will be adapted and reinforced to ensure the protection of all children, teachers, parents of students, in accordance with the opinion sent to us (Wednesday) by the High Council of Public Health », Added the Prime Minister.

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Avoid mixing up students as much as possible”

The Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, had addressed this question a little earlier in the morning on France 2, also speaking of reinforced measures “to avoid as much as possible the mixing of students” in the classes or in the canteen.

Jean Castex must detail the health measures relating to containment at a press conference this Thursday at 6.30 p.m. But the events of the day could call into question the Prime Minister’s schedule.

Recall that the start of the November 2nd, the school year had been postponed to 10 a.m. due to the tribute to be paid to Samuel Paty in schools. After the announcement of containment and new health measures, it is not yet known whether this tribute will be maintained

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