Here are the New 100 and 200 Euro Notes Put into Circulation

Here are the new 100 euros and 200 euros banknotes in circulation

This Tuesday 28th May, 2019, the 19 members of the euro zone welcome new 100 euro and 200 euro banknotes, smaller and more secure.

You certainly have very little in your portfolio, but new notes are landing in the 19 countries of the euro zone. The European Central Bank has just put into circulation, Tuesday 28th May, 2019, new 100 euros and 200 euros banknotes. 

Smaller and more secure

If they are relatively close to the old ones, “they are smaller, brighter and have new innovative security features that are easy to check with the touch, look and tilt method,” says the ECB.

The objective is to make it more difficult to falsify these notes, but also to harmonise the sizes to be better adapted to portfolios and machines.

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1200 billion euros of cash in circulation

To date, the total number of banknotes in circulation in the euro zone area amounts to 21 billion denominations, the total value of these notes reaching approximately 1,200 billion euros.

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