Rennes: The Museum of Fine Arts Becomes Free

Local News
The Museum of Fine Arts in Rennes had already become free with the Covid-19 crisis

This decision, which had been taken on a provisional basis due to the health crisis, was made final by the Rennes municipal council on Monday 21st September 2020.

A new measure to facilitate access to culture for all . Monday 21st September 2020, the Rennes municipal council voted to grant free admission to the Musée des Beaux-Arts,  for the permanent route (and not the temporary exhibitions).

Originally, this decision was taken on an interim basis due to the health crisis. It has just been finalized.

Until now, the cost of admission to the museum has been six euros and four euros at a reduced rate. Access was also free every first Sunday of the month.

Ten days ago, the subscription to the Champs Libres library, access to the Brittany museum and the Ecomuseum had also been made free by a decision of the metropolitan council.


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