Covid-19: Belgium Bans Non-Essential Travel to Regions of France, Switzerland and Spain

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Belgium bans non-essential travel to regions of France, Switzerland and SpainBelgium bans non-essential travel to regions of France, Switzerland and Spain because of Covid-19

Travellers from certain French regions will be prohibited from entering Belgian territory. The country also imposes quarantine and mandatory testing.

Belgium on Saturday 1st August 2020 banned “non-essential” trips (such as tourist trips) to certain regions of three countries: France, Switzerland and Spain due to the particularly active circulation of covid-19.

In France, the Mayenne department appears on this “red list”.

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In Spain, Navarre and AragonBarcelona and Lérida in Catalonia are targeted.

Finally, in Switzerland, the Lake Geneva region ( Vaud, Valais, Geneva ) is concerned,

Also mentioned on this “red list” are Bulgarian regions, several areas of Romania, as well as the city of Leicester, in the United Kingdom.

A mandatory identification form

For all travellers arriving in Belgium from these regions, quarantine and screening are now mandatory.

The Belgian Foreign Ministry specifies that “any person returning to Belgium from abroad or who wishes to stay more than forty-eight hours in the country must complete an identification form, providing their contact details and the places where they have stayed. during the last fourteen days ”.

An “orange list” with recommended screening

Quarantine and screening are “recommended” for a number of areas on a second list, an “orange list”.

Appear on this list, for France, the Paris region (except the department of Seine-et-Marne), the Pays de la Loire, the department of the North, Haut-Rhin, Haute-Savoie, Meurthe-et- Moselle and the Vosges.

A rebound of infected people

Belgium put new restrictions in place this week, reducing authorized contacts, gatherings and extending the wearing of masks. 

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