Car Sharing: It Is Again Possible to Take Several Passengers

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Car sharing: it is again possible to take several passengers

The government has lifted the ban on carrying more than one traveller each way. The choice of the number of passengers will be left to the driver.

Car pooling will be able to move up a gear. The government has indeed relaxed the health measures governing the practice of carpooling, by the publication of a decree on Monday 22nd June 2020.

It will now be possible to take more than one person in his car. This measure was put in place to enforce social distancing in the interior of a car.

Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory

Passengers will also be able to reinvest the place at the front of the vehicle next to the driver. Likewise, wearing a mask is no longer compulsory during the entire journey.

If these measures are lifted, the driver can, however, decide whether or not to apply them in his vehicle during the journey. For its part, the BlablaCar company confirmed that the “one in the rear” option would be maintained to allow users offering carpooling to choose.

Carpool takes off again

With deconfinement, carpooling saw its activity gradually return to normal. Citygo, an urban carpooling company, said in a press release that its activity had returned to 75% of its pre-containment standards.

The sector leader Blablacar announced for its part that the search for routes is 9% higher compared to June 2019. A trend which should be confirmed with the arrival of the summer holidays.

“Based on the trends observed, the number of travellers who opt for carpooling for their holidays could even be greater than last summer,” said Nicolas Brusson co-founder and managing director of Blablacar in a press release.

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