Covid-19: 66 Dead in 24 Hours, Fewer Cases in Intensive Care… Update this Wednesday

General News
The Hauts-de-France departments remain classified in red this Monday, May 4, with a view to deconfinement, despite encouraging indicators concerning the Covid-19 epidemic.

The epidemic of the new coronavirus seems to be slowing in France, according to the latest assessment from the Directorate General of Health: fewer deaths and more people healed.

In its latest bulletin, the Directorate-General for Health hammered it out: the Covid-19 virus is still circulating. However, the latest figures published show an improvement in the health crisis.

Fewer deaths (even if the data concerning nursing homes are still to be updated) and still fewer people in intensive care. And nearly 700 people have returned home cured since March 1.

The figures to know this Wednesday 27th May:

  • 28,596 people have died, including 18,260 in hospitals since the start of the epidemic. That is to say 66 deaths in 24 hours ( against 83 yesterday ) The health authorities specify that concerning the figure of the mortality in the Ehpad, it will be communicated on May 29.
  • 15,680 people are still hospitalized for Covid-19 infection. Or 271 new admissions recorded in 24 hours. It is also 2,261 fewer patients than a week ago.
  • 1,501 patients with a severe form of Covid-19 are still hospitalized in intensive care. 32 new serious cases were admitted to intensive care. But the balance remains “negative”, report the health authorities, with 54 patients in intensive care, less compared to yesterday.
  • 4 regions (Île-de-France, Grand-Est, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Hauts-de-France) alone account for 73% of patients hospitalized in intensive care. Concerning the Overseas, there are 116 hospitalizations, including 19 in intensive care.
  • 101,017 people have been hospitalized since the start of the epidemic, including 17,839 in intensive care.
  • 66,584 patients returned home cured.
  • 188 countries are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 5.6 million people were reached, 351,146 people, died but 2.3 million people recovered. Europe remains strongly impacted with 1.36 million cases and 162,500 deaths.

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