Death of Xavier Beulin, President of the FNSEA

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Death of Xavier Beulin, President of the FNSEA, aged 58 years old

A few days before the opening of the Salon de l’Agriculture, the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA) announced on Sunday the death of its President Xavier Beulin. He died of a heart attack at the age of 58.

In a statement, the FNSEA, the main French farmers’ union, has expressed the “sudden death” of Xavier Beulin, its president since December 2010 . “Engaged since the age of 17 for Agriculture, he gave the unions and the agricultural sector with acclaim and unparalleled momentum,” it is written.

“Aged 58, he gave everything he had for ideas for an open and independent trade unionism” , wrote the FNSEA (National Federation of Farmers’ Unions) in a statement.

“Engaged since the age of 17 years for agriculture, Xavier Beulin gave the unions and the agricultural sector with acclaim and unparalleled momentum” , says the union, which expresses “sadness” .At the same time to his duties the head of the main agricultural union, Mr. Beulin was president of the  group in April (Lesieur brands, Puget, Matins). It welcomed in its statement, “his energy, charisma and vision that enabled the emergence of what is now a French champion” .

A third term in preparation

Mr. Beulin has “worked tirelessly for the development of French agriculture, always in the public interest, as evidenced by his trade union career, which led him to the presidency of the FNSEA” , stressed the group April.

In a statement, the spokesman of the Government and Minister of the Agriculture Stéphane Foll paid tribute to “a pillar of the agricultural social movement” . “By his personal history, Xavier Beulin was itself a lesson in courage and an example of success.

The President of the Republic, François Hollande, for his part hailed a “passionate farmer” whose death is “a major loss for France,” said a statement issued by Elisha. “Xavier Beulin was convinced of the important role of research and innovation. And he had invested organizations under his charge in the preparation of the Climate Conference that led to the Paris Accords in December 2015 “ , stressed the head of state. “It has been a demanding partner who is involved in the negotiation of the CAP reform of 2013 and which has accompanied the agricultural world to overcome the major crises that have struck in recent years. “

Other politicians have also reacted to his death on Twitter.

For its part Pinatel Lawrence, spokesperson of the Peasant Confederation, evokes “a huge shock” . While stating that he “was defending the vision of agriculture.”  It commends the work of a man “extremely engaged and particularly brilliant” .

Laurent Pinatel says that, of course, both had “sometimes caught, because of its very liberal vision. He defended his chain of logic, conquering export, but also admitted that French agriculture is diverse and can focus on quality in addition to the volumes. We were not the same world, but he was respectful, not one to give cheap shots. “

Xavier Beulin announced in January its intention to seek a third term as head of the FNSEA at its next congress, scheduled in Brest from 28 to 30 March. Xavier Beulin, who had recently published  Our agriculture  is in danger , sought to bring the agricultural debate in the presidential campaign.


1958.  Born in Donnery (Loiret).

1995.  President of the Chamber of Agriculture of the Loiret.

2000. President Sofiprotéol. 

2009.  Chairman of the Board FranceAgriMer.

2010. President of the FNSEA.

2014. Beginning his second term FNSEA

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