Coronavirus in Nouvelle-Aquitaine: The Region Exceeds 1,000 Confirmed Cases

Local News
The Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region has 1000 confirmed coronavirus cases

HEALTH: The Regional Health Agency announces nine new deaths from Coronavirus Covid-19 in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region this Wednesday

The epidemic continues to progress a little more in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. This Thursday, the region passed the symbolic bar of 1,000 confirmed cases (1,007) of Coronavirus Covid-19 with 132 new cases identified by Public Health France.  As a reminder, these figures do not include all of the Covid-19 untested people identified by city medicine.

The Regional Health Agency also announces the death of nine additional people. We now deplore 34 deaths among people hospitalized in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. A total of 236 people are currently hospitalized (a total of 399 people have been hospitalized since the start of the epidemic, 163 of whom have returned home). 75 people are in intensive care or intensive care.

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