State of health emergency: facing Olivier Véran, Martine Wonner restores the truth

State of Health Emergency: Facing Olivier Véran, Martine Wonner Restores the Truth

RESTRICTIONS: The former LREM deputy Martine Wonner courageously defends the health and the interests of the French people, restricted during the coronavirus Epidemic The former LREM deputy Martine Wonner courageously defends the health and the interests of the French people in an Assembly whose hostility and arrogance are embodied by Minister Olivier Véran, who leans more […]

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Coronavirus: The state of health emergency extended until December 14 only.

Coronavirus: State of Health Emergency Extended until December 14th Only

VOTE: The National Assembly went against the advice of the government, which wanted an extension of the State of Health Emergency until mid-February While there were not enough LREM deputies in session on Tuesday night, the opposition managed to get the National Assembly to vote on an extension of the state of health emergency until December […]

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State of health emergency extended until February 16th because of coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19: State of Health Emergency Extended until February 16th

The deputies voted on Saturday evening for the extension of the state of health emergency, as wished by the government. But the debates were lively. While two out of three French people are now subject to a night curfew in an attempt to halt the exponential progression of Covid-19, the National Assembly adopted on Saturday 24th October 2020 at […]

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The state of health emergency ends on July 10, 2020 but restrictive measures may continue to apply

End of the State of Health Emergency: Gatherings, Stadiums, Masks … What Changes on July 11th

The National Assembly definitively adopted the bill to exit the state of health emergency on July 10th. After this date, certain restrictions will be lifted. The state of health emergency is almost over. Declared March 23rd to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, it must end on Friday 10th July (except in Guyana and Mayotte, where it is extended until […]

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The government wants to end the state of health emergnecy on 10th July

Coronavirus: Government Wants to End State of Health Emergency on 10th July

POLITICS: Bill to regulate transport and gatherings for four months is expected to be introduced on Wednesday A new extension is not on the table at this stage. The government wants to end on the 10th July, the state of health emergency implemented in late March to fight the epidemic of coronavirus, said Tuesday evening Matignon insisting on “the development […]

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Edouard Philippe announces tougher Coronavirus Confinement rules

Coronavirus: Edouard Philippe Announces the Tightening of Confinement Rules

While France records its most serious health balance this Monday 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minister will issue a decree to toughen the rules of confinement The coronavirus epidemic is worsening in France and the measures, as a result, are tightening. The confinement period, initially announced by Emmanuel Macron for 15 days, has not yet been extended, but […]

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The state of health emergency will make it possible to take general measures to put in brackets part of our rules and our laws

Coronavirus: The State of Health Emergency Adopted, Here is What will Change for Us

The Parliament adopted this Sunday the bill establishing a state of health emergency. Restrictive measures, requisitions, duration … We take stock of what it provides for. The state of health emergency was declared this Sunday 22nd March 2020. After validation by the National Assembly then by the Senate, this emergency bill to face the epidemic of Covid-19 was definitively […]

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Friday, March 20, the number of deaths from coronavirus in France rose to 450 dead

Coronavirus: 450 Deaths, Nearly 12,600 Confirmed Cases in France… The Evolution of the Epidemic in Infographics

Health authorities have estimated that the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in France is expected within five to eight days. Will this extend the confinement period. The wave is sweeping over France. On the fourth day of confinement, France now has 12,612 cases positive for the coronavirus. Among these people, 5,226 are hospitalized, including 1,297 in intensive care. French health authorities […]

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The latest update on Coronavirus in France

Coronavirus: 372 Deaths, Nearly 11,000 Confirmed Cases… Update on the Situation in France

The latest assessment from French health authorities shows that the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 is intensifying in France. The point on what to remember from the day of March 19th, 2020. Confinement, day 3. The days follow and resemble each other, while the measures to restrict movement require every day a lot of new adjustments and adjustments. According […]

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A police officer speaks to a man on the "Promenade des Anglais" in Nice, March 18, 2020, the day after the entry into force of containment measures

Coronavirus: Towards the Establishment of a “State of Health Emergency” in France

Faced with the increase in the number of patients and deaths linked to the coronavirus, Parliament must vote for the establishment of a state of health emergency, in particular, to support the economy. France is subject to historic confinement to wage a “war” on the coronavirus, and the Parliament must vote on Thursday 19th March and […]

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