Piazza Del Popolo in Rome, 3 November 2020.

Coronavirus in Italy: Government Imposes 10 pm Curfew Across the Country

EPIDEMIC: The measure will take effect in Italy from Thursday, while other measures are expected during the day to try and contain the coronavirus epidemic Like the rest of Europe, Italy is hardening its strategy to fight the coronavirus. From Thursday, a national curfew will be put in place from 10 pm, after the signing to this effect of a […]

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Confinement: The Essentials to Have in your Kitchen 1

Confinement: The Essentials to Have in your Kitchen

Eggs, milk, flour, butter, spices … Here are the basic products to always have in the kitchen, which is more during this period of confinement. To not be caught off guard during this period of confinement, you must first make sure you have the essential products in your kitchen. Products that will allow you to make a maximum […]

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The Celebrity Apex liner, in the port of Saint-Nazaire.

Celebrity Apex in Saint-Nazaire: 22 New Cases of Covid-19, One Person Hospitalised

A person who suffered from respiratory distress was hospitalised at Saint-Nazaire hospital, announced the prefect of Loire-Atlantique this Friday 27th March 2020. The American shipowner Celebrity Cruises has officially owned the Celebrity Apex since Friday 27th March 2020. But the ship built at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique should not leave Saint-Nazaire immediately because of the spread of the coronavirus epidemic […]

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Nearlt 2000 people have died of Coronavirus Covid-19 in France

Coronavirus Covid-19: 1,995 Dead, 32,964 Confirmed Cases… Update on the Situation in France on Friday

The coronavirus killed nearly 2,000 people on Friday 27th March 2020, while the Prime Minister announced that the confinement would last until April 15th. While Edouard Philippe warned that “the crisis would last” and extended confinement for another 15 days, the latest assessment of the spread of the coronavirus in France reports 32,964 confirmed cases of contamination and […]

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Coronavirus Confinement period will be extended by two weeks

Coronavirus: Containment Extended for 15 Days in France, until April 15th, Announces Edouard Philippe

EPIDEMIC: Due to the daily increase in Coronavirus deaths, Confinement will be extended in France. “This period may be extended further if the health situation requires it,” said the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. It’s official. Faced with the magnitude of the coronavirus crisis, the government has decided to extend the confinement by two weeks, from next Tuesday, until April 15, Prime Minister […]

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A pharmacist from the Pays de Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) wanted to create an “electric shock”, so that confinement was more respected.

Containment: The Rant of a Pharmacist in the Pays de Châteaubriant in the Middle of a Coronavirus Crisis

In order to raise awareness, a pharmacist in the Pays de Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) reminded that the north of the department is not spared from the coronavirus. The north of the Loire-Atlantique and the Pays de Chateaubriant “are also affected by this outbreak of coronavirus”. This is the message that wanted to relay a pharmacist from Abbaretz (Loire-Atlantique) on Facebook, this Wednesday 25th March 2020. The first cases of […]

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Edouard Philippe announces tougher Coronavirus Confinement rules

Coronavirus: Edouard Philippe Announces the Tightening of Confinement Rules

While France records its most serious health balance this Monday 23rd March 2020, the Prime Minister will issue a decree to toughen the rules of confinement The coronavirus epidemic is worsening in France and the measures, as a result, are tightening. The confinement period, initially announced by Emmanuel Macron for 15 days, has not yet been extended, but […]

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If the violation of the rules is noted three times in less than 30 days, the fine becomes a crime

Non-Compliance with Confinement: Up To Six Months in Prison and a Fine of 3,750 Euros

In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment which aims to punish more severely those who do not respect the rules of confinement. A new turn of screws against reluctant to containment. In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, the National Assembly adopted an amendment on Saturday 21st March 2020, which aims to punish people who leave […]

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A policeman protected by a mask in Rennes, March 21, 2020.

Coronavirus: Masks, Confinement, Hospitalisations… How France Manages the Emergency

Saturday 21st March 2020, the Minister of Health announced the order for 250 million masks and will discuss the extension or not of confinement Monday 23rd. Faced with the coronavirus epidemic which has already killed 562 people in the country, France is managing the emergency: equipping its caregivers with masks and stemming the ever-increasing number of hospitalizations. But experts are also working […]

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Coronavirus killed 562 in France

Coronavirus: 562 Deaths and 14,459 Confirmed Cases, Update on the Situation in France

During a press briefing on Saturday 21st March 2020, the Ministry of Health announced 112 new deaths and 1,847 additional contaminations linked to coronavirus covid-19. Coronavirus victims are increasing. This Saturday, March 21, 2020, the Ministry of Health announced 112 new deaths and 1,847 additional confirmed cases, since the last assessment made the day before. It is the heaviest recorded on […]

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