Weather in Charente: Another Beautiful Day Despite the Clouds

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The weather in Charente will be nice today, despite the clouds

WEATHER: Another beautiful day is forecast for the weather in Charente, despite the numerous clouds in the Charente sky

The weather in Charente is mild, with 6 degrees in the countryside and 7 degrees in Angouleme this morning at 8am, and the sky is clear. 

According to the latest forecast from Meteo France, the sun will still be there this Friday despite the clouds.

The temperatures go up a bit since it will be 14 in Cognac and 13 degrees in Angouleme with a southerly wind which will blow weakly.

Tomorrow Saturday threatening clouds will arrive through the northwest of the department. Clouds that will give rain during the afternoon.

Sunday will remain disturbed and humid. In the night from Sunday to Monday, the wind will blow strongly, with gusts up to 85km/h.

Afternoon weather in Charente
Afternoon weather in Charente (Photo: Meteo France)

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