Weather in Cantal: Cloudy and Rainy Day on the Horizon

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The weather in Cantal will see clouds and rain

The sun will go on vacation for a few days, with the return of the greyness and the rain across the Cantal.

Hello everyone, it is Tuesday 7th January 2020, and the latest forecast from Meteo France for the weather in cantal is for a cloudy and wet day.

Rain in the afternoon

Despite the absence of frost in the morning, the day across the Cantal will be dominated by a thick cloudy coat. Temperatures will start around 2 ° C on average at the start of the day, before rising to 4 ° C before noon.

The afternoon forecast for the weather in Cantal
The afternoon forecast for the weather in Cantal (Photo: Meteo France)

The clouds will give way to showers in the afternoon, starting at 1 p.m. The mercury will rise to 6 ° C on average.

The rain will last until tomorrow morning, before the return of the sun in the afternoon of Wednesday.

Have a Good day everyone!

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