Pensions: Unions Call for New National Demonstration on January 11th

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Unions call for a National strike day of action against pensions reforms

The trade unions plan to conduct a new large-scale inter-professional strike as early as next week against the pensions reform

The strike against pension reform entered its second month on Friday 3rd January 2020. “Determined”, the unions call to make Saturday 11th January, a “day of demonstration throughout the country”.

Amplify the movement

FO , which requests the withdrawal of the project within an inter-union CGT-FO-Solidaire-FSU since December 5, repeated Friday in a press release “its determination” and called on all employees to maintain and amplify the mobilization from the start of the school year, “no one being spared”.

In a joint press release , the unions explain:

“The intersyndicale demands the withdrawal of the reform project to open constructive negotiations in order to improve the current regime for all professional sectors and all generations. Faced with such contempt for the president and the government, the trade union organizations CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires, Unef and UNL call to build the conditions for a large inter-professional strike, starting on January 9, with demonstrations all over the territory.”

They call “to debate”, from Monday, “in all companies, departments and places of study by organizing general meetings of employees, students and high school students, the conditions of the success of January 9 and its aftermath the next day ”.

Ministers summoned by Edouard Philippe

Friday, while the situation still remained very disturbed at SNCF and RATP , several ministers were summoned by Edouard Philippe to “take stock of the situation in public transport” and an “inventory of fixtures on the progress of negotiations, “assured Matignon on Friday.

Edouard Philippe “recalled his wish to reach as soon as possible a compromise with the social partners”, after a “new round of discussions”, said his entourage, adding that he “would introduce” the resumption of discussions with the social partners scheduled for the Ministry of Labor on Tuesday.

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