Weather in Cantal: Return of Rain and Snow

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The weather in Cantal will be Cloud, rain and a little snow for today

After a sunny Tuesday, a new forecast for Cantal will arrive today. The latter will bring rain and snow.

Hello everyone, it is Wednesday 11th December 2019, and here is the latest forecast from Meteo France for the weather in Cantal.

Sudden drop in temperature

It started yesterday, and the fall in temperatures will continue today. It will be 2 small degrees in the morning.

The rain will be part of the day early on, with significant cloud cover

A disturbed time for the day in Cantal
A disturbed time for the day in Cantal (© Meteo France)

From snow also will mix to rain in some places. The temperatures will not climb above 4 ° C average today.

Rain will also be in the game tomorrow, with some showers.

Good day everyone!

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