Black Friday: Record Purchases Beaten in the United States … and in France

Black Friday set a new sales record in France and the United States

In France, even criticized, Black Friday 2019 has recorded 56 million transactions by credit card in one day, 6 million more purchases than last year. And, in the United States, transactions also reached a new record, with over $ 7 billion.

Blocking actions, creation of “  Block Friday”, criticisms, demonstrations … The Black Friday 2019 has given rise to an unprecedented and global rejection. This did not prevent it from breaking records, in the United States as in France.

France: 56 million purchases by credit card

This Friday 29th November, Black Friday set a new record in France: never as many transactions by credit card had been made in a day.

According to information from Cartes Bancaires, 56 million card purchases were recorded in our country. That’s 6 million more than last year.

The previous record of transactions in 24 hours dated Saturday, December 22, 2018: 51 million transactions had been made.

United States: more than $ 7 billion in purchases

Online sales of Black Friday2019 in the United States also reached a record Friday, according to Adobe Analytics, which measures the transactions of 80 of the 100 largest retailers in US retail.

With a total of 7.4 billion dollars (6.7 billion euros), online shopping was up 19.6% over last year. This is the second-largest volume of online sales ever made after Cyber ​​Monday in 2018 ($ 7.9 billion).

Nearly 40% of online purchases were made using smartphones, says Adobe Analytics.

The most popular products include toys from the animated film The Frozen 2 , LOL Surprise dolls, video games like FIFA 20 and Madden 20, and Apple Airpods.

$ 143.8 billion for the end of year celebrations

Adobe Analytics estimates that $ 9.4 billion was spent on the Internet on Monday, December 2, at “Cyber ​​Monday,” an increase of almost 19% over last year.

During Thanksgiving on Thursday, US consumers had spent $ 4.2 billion on their online purchases according to the computer company.

Of all the holiday season, Adobe Analytics expects a total of 143.8 billion dollars, about 130 billion euros.

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