Weather in Cantal: A Little Less Rain and Some Thunderstorms for this Beginning of the Weekend

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The weather in Cantal will have clouds, rain and a little sunshine

The rain will calm over the Cantal with many clear spells. The weather will, however, remain disturbed.

Hello everyone, it’s Saturday 2nd November 2019 and the forecast for the weather in cantal is not looking very good for today or the weekend.

Rain and sun on the program

At the beginning of the daythe rain will always be present, with heavy showers. The temperatures will already reach 10 degrees on average.

The showers will be more rare in the course of the morning. Mercury will increase slightly to 13 degrees on average.

A few clearings for this Saturday in Cantal. (© Météo France)
A few clearings for this Saturday. (© Météo France)

In the afternoon, the thunderstorms will punctuate the day again with many more showers.

The rain will return in strength for the end of the day and the night.

Have a good day everyone.

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