Storm Amélie: Risk of Floods in Quimper

Local News
Saturday, November 2, 2019, cofferdams are in place Hippodrome area in Quimper.

The passage of the storm Amélie may lead to floods in Quimper (Finistère). As a precaution, the town hall installed flood dams, area of ​​the racecourse.

The passage of the storm Amélie is accompanied by strong rounds of wind and showers. For now, Finistère is not one of the 15 departments placed in an orange alert by Meteo France. The alert level, Saturday 2 November 2019 in the late afternoon, is limited to yellow.

Floods: the Odet in yellow alertness

Vigicrues also placed the Odet in a yellow alert. In Finistère, it is the only watershed under surveillance, for the moment.

On the website of this State service, it is stated:

“Given the successive rainy passages this week and despite low tide coefficients (51 Sunday morning and 44 Sunday night), Steir and Odet levels will continue to rise gradually after each rainy passage. The disturbance expected tonight (this Saturday, November 2, Ed) should raise the Steir and Odet. “

Faced with the risk of floods, the town hall of Quimper has installed cofferdams, rue de l’Hippodrome. Consequence: the traffic between this zone of activities and the city centre is cut off.

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