Weather: Return of the Rain for the Whole of Cantal

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The rain is back for the day in Cantal

After several days of improvement, the rain returns to Cantal, and will settle throughout the weekend of All Saints.

Hello everyone, it’s Thursday 31st October 2019 and the latest forecast from Meteo France is so nice today with the return of the rain across the whole of the Cantal department.

Rain with some hints of sun

The rain will begin to fall early in the day, with rainfall throughout the department . Temperatures will not drop drastically, but a little refreshment is to be expected. The average will reach 9 ° C at sunrise.

Some clearings will cross the department, from 10 am to 4 pm.

The sun will be discreet today in Cantal
The sun will be discreet today in Cantal. (© Météo France)

The temperatures will reach 12 degrees in the afternoonFrom sunny will settle at around 5 pm and will last until early evening before a return of showers.

Good day everyone!

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