Cantal: A Beautiful Exhibition by Maurane Leder at the Mediatheque of Saint-Paul-des-Landes

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An exhibition of Maurane Leder to discover at the media library of Saint-Paul-des-Landes Cantal) until November 30, 2019.

An exhibition of Maurane Leder to discover at the mediatheque of Saint-Paul-des-Landes (Cantal) until the 30th November 2019.

Barely 20 years old but already a first exhibition which illustrates all the artistic potential of Maurane Léder, a third-year student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Toulouse. A dozen paintings, large figurative formats exposed to the media library “The barn” which the young Saint-Pauloise is a speciality. “I choose my models with people I meet or portraits that catch my attention in magazines,” she concedes.

“I hope to live from this art”

In her impressive acrylic or oil paintings of realism and detail, Maurane constantly strives for perfection, leaving her subject to work for several weeks: “I have always hoped to live off this art and I thank my parents for helping me She admits.

Parents and a family of artists whose mother, Isabelle devotes herself to photography, and the three sisters to music or dance. “Amandine, the eldest even inaugurated this place 12  years ago with very promising interpretations of Bach, De Bussy and Mozart” as recalled Patrick Sarnel at the opening of this exhibition. The paintings of Maurane Leder are certainly worth the detour and remain visible at the usual hours of opening of the media library until the 30th November 2019. They will then take the road to Toulouse for another exhibition (GD).

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