Coronavirus in Toulouse: The Compulsory Mask in Certain Areas of the City

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Coronavirus in Toulouse: The compulsory mask in certain areas of the city

EPIDEMIC: The prefecture specified on Tuesday where a mask will have to be worn in the city of Toulouse

The Haute-Garonne prefecture has announced that wearing a mask will be made compulsory in certain, busiest areas of the city of Toulouse from Wednesday. The prefectural decree will be published this Tuesday, and the streets and squares where it will be compulsory will soon be revealed.

In a press release, the prefect of Haute-Garonne announces that “portions of public roads in the city of Toulouse particularly busy, defined jointly with the mayor” will be subject to the obligation to wear a mask. He specifies that this measure will apply “to certain time slots”. As for Lille, a map with the areas concerned will be quickly published.

The mask will also be compulsory on the open air markets, second-hand markets and garage sales held in Haute-Garonne. If the mask is not worn in them, the person will risk a fine of 135 euros.

During the last report of Public Health France, Haute-Garonne fell into “moderate level of vulnerability”. The department has an incidence rate close to 12. This is the highest in Occitanie.

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