Weather in Calvados: Dramatic Fall in Temperatures, is the Cold Already Here?

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The weather in Calvados saw a dramatic fall in temperatures

The inhabitants of Calvados woke up in the cold, Thursday 3rd October 2019, after a significant fall in temperatures. Will the cold settle for the weekend?

Everyone handed the sweater and coat, this Thursday 3rd  October 2019, in Calvados. Normal temperatures were around 0 degrees! In Caen, it was 4.2 ° at sunrise, 1 ° at Saint-Pierre-en-Auge and 2 ° at Vire … enough to give the impression that winter was coming before its time. But this is not the case, according to forecaster Meteo France, Jean-Luc Anquetil.

“These are autumn temperatures, but as in recent days, the minimums were around 10, 12 °, the thermal contrast was striking. “

The explanation of this glaring drop in temperatures? “Clear skies and calm weather. ”

Temperatures rise and rain returns

What can we expect for the weekend? Temperatures will rise this Thursday and become soft again in the coming days because new disturbances are coming.

“The rain returns at the end of the day on Friday, so temperatures rise again. The rainy passages will instead take place in the evenings and nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. During the day we will see alternating thunderstorms and showers. “

The minimum temperatures should be between 10 to 13 ° and the maximum between 15 and 18 °. A tip: put away the coat and take out the raincoat!

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