Coronavirus in Nantes: Suspended, the Illumination Show on the Cathedral will Not Finally Take Place

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The Lucia show, scheduled for a few days in Nantes, is officially cancelled

ANIMATIONS: The Lucia show, scheduled for a few days in Nantes, is officially cancelled

  • The organisers of Lucia, who were hoping for a derogation, announce the cancellation of the illumination show at Saint Peter’s Cathedral.
  • If conditions allow, it will be rescheduled next year.

The Christmas holidays are likely to be frankly sad in Nantes. After the cancellation of the ice rink, then the false hope linked to the reopening of the Machines of the island, one of the last activities still on probation has also just been banned. The Lucia sound and light show, projected on the cathedral every two years since 2014, has not obtained the hoped-for exemption to be played in the coming days, we have learned on Friday noon.

“We are disappointed but without regrets, because everything has really been explored over the past eight days to try to maintain the event, says Wilhem Thomas, one of the organisers. The file was supported by local elected officials and reached the top of the state. Unfortunately, the interministerial committee gave a negative answer. ”

The show rescheduled in 2021

In this file, the organisers of Lucia had proposed that the screening be accessible only by reservation, with a very small gauge. A very different face for this 15-minute show, performed for free five times a night for a week, which brought together some 200,000 people in the streets two years ago.

The uncertainty still hovered insofar as other animations of the same kind were maintained. In Bordeaux, for example, a mapping show does indeed take place on the Saint-André cathedral. The images turn “in a loop without a trigger system to encourage the public to circulate”. The prefect of Loire-Atlantique Didier Martin had, however, expressed serious doubts, recalling for example that gatherings of more than six people are still prohibited in public spaces …

The organisers of Lucia announce that they will not wait until 2022 to illuminate Saint-Pierre Cathedral again thanks to the works of the painter Alain Thomas. The show, on the theme of the Amazon, will be offered next year, if sanitary conditions allow it this time.

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