Weather in Cantal: Shy Return of the Sun at the Beginning of the Weekend

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The weather in cantal should see a return of the sun

After a week pretty gloomy, the sun should return for the weekend weather in Cantal, with a slight rise in temperatures.

Hello everyone, it’s Saturday 28th September 2019 and according to the latest forecast from Meteo France, we should see a return of the sun for the weather in Cantal.

Sun in the afternoon

At the beginning of the day , the sky will still be heavily dominated by clouds, with temperatures that will barely exceed 11 degrees.

The clouds will remain in place for the whole morning, with a slight rise in temperatures, which will reach 14 degrees before noon.

In the late morning, the sun will begin to arrive through beautiful clearings in the sky.

The sun will gradually take control of the Cantal sky, with temperatures that will reach 17 ° C in the middle of the afternoon.

In the early evening, the clouds will have almost disappeared, announcing a clear night.

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