Paris will Ban Smoking in 52 Gardens and Parks

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Paris bans smoking in 52 parks

WITHOUT TOBACCO: An experimentation of tobacco-free parks was conducted in Paris since July 2018. The device will be extended to 52 parks and gardens from June 8th

Parks soon without tobacco . The Paris City Hall will extend the ban on smoking to 52 parks and gardens in the capital from 8th June. This measure follows the experimentation, since July 2018, of this ban in six parks, which “made it possible to reduce the number of smokers in these parks and butts thrown to the ground”. Forty-six parks and additional gardens were “selected by the borough councils” to extend this system, the city said.

During the first weeks, the agents of the city will sensitize the smokers , and “information panels and ashtrays” ludic “proposing polls barometers that one fills with his butt, will be installed with each main entrance of the 52 gardens concerned “Says the mayor of Paris.

Streets without butts

Following these weeks of awareness, planned until the beginning of July, offenders can be punished by a fine of 38 euros, as the current fine set up for playgrounds, said the city. The smoking is already prohibited in the 500 playgrounds Parisian parks since 2015. The Paris City Council also voted in February the introduction of 19 streets “without butts.”

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