Brive: One Dead and Nine Injured in an Accident between a Bus and a School Bus

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One dead and nine injured in an accident between a bus and a minibus at Brive

COLLISION: Violent frontal collision in Brive, killing the driver of the minibus and injuring nine children

  • The accident happened Tuesday night near Brive-la-Gaillarde.
  • The driver of the minibus, who was driving empty, died as a result of her injuries.
  • Nine of the 16 high school or college students who were on the bus were slightly injured or shocked.

A driver was killed and nine teenagers were shocked or slightly injured in the collision between a minibus and a school bus Tuesday late afternoon near Brive-la-Gaillarde (Corrèze ), it was reported Wednesday from authorities.

The violent frontal collision, which disembowelled the empty school bus , took place shortly after 6pm on a departmental road in the town of Allassac 15 kilometres from Brive, at the time of the narrowing of the road from three to two ways, said the emergency services.

Forty firefighters

The driver of the minibus, a mother of nearly 50 years, died of her injuries in the accident despite the intervention of the rescue services, among which about forty firefighters, said the prefecture.

Nine of the 16 high school students or middle school students in the Brive agglomeration who were on the bus were slightly injured or shocked. All were nevertheless transported to the hospital of Brive for control examinations, but “all returned home” in the evening, according to the prefecture. Aged about fifty years, the bus driver, very shocked, was also briefly supported at the hospital in Brive.

Listening and support unit for students

Wednesday morning, a listening and support unit was set up by the academy for students involved in the accident, said the prefecture. A telephone number has also been set up for families and students.

A gendarmerie investigation was opened on the circumstances of the collision, which occurred in good weather conditions.

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