Bordeaux: Yellow Vests Invade the Grands Hommes Shopping Center

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The yellow vests invaded the Mall des Grands Hommes.

This Saturday during act 29 yellow vests, the Mall des Grands Hommes, located in the city centre of Bordeaux, was a place of passage of the event.

This Saturday, June 1st, 2019, the movement of the yellow vests continues in Bordeaux (Gironde) with the act 29 . This afternoon, the procession disrupted tram traffic – while no traffic disruption was expected – and forced some passengers to descend.

Back to Pey-Berland Square

Also, the movement found the place Pey-Berland , the neuralgic point of the clashes at the beginning of the movement, place however prohibited to the demonstration, as place Gambetta which was also crossed during the day.

A little before 4 pm, the yellow vests then burst into the Mall des Grands Hommes , located in the city centre of Bordeaux, as shown by the images of the journalism student Hippolyte Radisson.

Like in a football stadium

Posted on the floors of the building, as if they were in a sports enclosure, they began to whistle, to shout and brandish flags, including the RIC (referendum citizen initiative), before continuing their procession in the city centre.

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