Near Châteaubriant, A Fishing Contest Organized on the 19th May

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Fishing Competition announced near Châteaubriant at Fercé

A trout fishing competition awaits you Sunday 19th May, 2019 in Fercé near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). Details.

Change of program, this year, to the festival committee of Fercé (Loire-Atlantique) . Usually, these are the hikes that can be found in May. But this year, place for fishing competitions at the pond of Bois Péan .

A few days ago, the volunteers cleaned around the pond of the Bois Péan to prepare the contest, which will take place on Sunday 19th May, 2019, from 9am to 11.30am. Registrations are done on site at from 8 am.

A few days before this meeting, a release of trout will be made. On the day of the competition, throwing and baits are prohibited.

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The price for entry is 7 € for an adult and 4 € for a child under 12 years. On the spot all day: sale of sandwiches, pancakes, fries and drink.

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