Fishing Competition announced near Châteaubriant at Fercé

Near Châteaubriant, A Fishing Contest Organized on the 19th May

A trout fishing competition awaits you Sunday 19th May, 2019 in Fercé near Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique). Details. Change of program, this year, to the festival committee of Fercé (Loire-Atlantique) . Usually, these are the hikes that can be found in May. But this year, place for fishing competitions at the pond of Bois Péan . A few days ago, the volunteers cleaned around the pond […]

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The accident in Fercé killed two people, a father and daughter.

Fercé: Accident Killed Two People, a Father and Daughter

The collision between two cars on Friday night at Fercé killed two people, a father and his 10 year old daughter who died of her injuries last night. A violent accident and front impact, was found by the police on Friday night at Fercé.   Around 5.30pm, two cars collided on the D178, connecting Chateaubriant in Martigné-Ferchaud, […]

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Serious road accident in Fercé leaves one dead and several injured

Fercé: One killed and Two Seriously Injured in a Head-on Collision

The frontal collision between three vehicles was of unusual violence on Friday at 5pm.  Seven people were involved. The toll was heavy: one killed, two seriously injured. The exact circumstances that led to this accident are not yet known.  This Friday night shortly after 5 pm, three vehicles collided on the main road  D178 at Fercé, on […]

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