Cognac: A Hundred Graves Vandalised at Breuil Cemetery

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cognac; 100 graves vandalised at Breuil Cemetary

Macabre discovered this Wednesday morning at the cemetery. A hundred or so graves have been severely damaged. Religious signs were directly targeted.

Crucifixes were torn from the tombs, some broken, others upside down. Other desecrated religious symbols too, scattered in the alleys. “A catastrophe is shameful”, can only deplore Christian Raso, the head of the cemetery of Breuil which was the subject of a vandalism operation in good standing at night.

It was he who alerted the mayor and the national police this morning, warned by employees of a flower delivery company came to garnish with chrysanthemums the graves of the military square. It was 8:30.

The damage, important, affect a hundred of the graves, on the squares N and N1, the most vandalized, N3 and N4, as well as the square A.

“I do not know what it means to two days of All Saints’ Day and in the wake of the Bayonne affair. I hope it has nothing to do with this, laments the Mayor of Cognac Michel Gourinchas. Anyway, whoever it is, it’s just a shame. “

An investigation has been opened. The technical and scientific police are on-site. A neighbourhood survey is also underway.

This is the first time that the cemetery of Breuil is subject to such degradation. 

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