Manche: Caught Speeding, 49 km/h over the Speed Limit

Local News
The 47-year-old immediately lost his driving license in the Manche

ROAS SAFETY: On the 14th May, shortly before noon, a 47-year-old man was arrested by the Avranches Rapid Intervention Brigade. He was driving 49 km/h over the limit.

On Tuesday 14th May, at 11.35 am in the Manche department (Normandy), the Avranches Rapid Intervention Brigade team intercepted a 47-year-old motorist travelling at 159 km/h for a speed limit of 110 km/h.

The motorist, circulated in the direction  Rennes / Caen , on a portion of the A84 limited to 110 km/h in the English Channel .

The gendarmes immediately removed his driving license. He will have to explain himself later in front of the police court for this excess speed of more than 40 km/h above the authorised speed limit.

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