The 47-year-old immediately lost his driving license in the Manche

Manche: Caught Speeding, 49 km/h over the Speed Limit

ROAS SAFETY: On the 14th May, shortly before noon, a 47-year-old man was arrested by the Avranches Rapid Intervention Brigade. He was driving 49 km/h over the limit. On Tuesday 14th May, at 11.35 am in the Manche department (Normandy), the Avranches Rapid Intervention Brigade team intercepted a 47-year-old motorist travelling at 159 km/h for a speed limit of 110 km/h. The […]

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700,000 drivers in France, do not have a driving licence

Nearly 700,000 French People Drive Without a Driving Licence

Most drivers who drive without a driving licence have never passed the exam because of its cost, 1,500 euros on average. This is a hardly credible figure: no less than 680,000 motorists drive without a license . And the phenomenon tends to get worse, since this figure has increased by 30% in five years, and more than doubled […]

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Several changes are expected for motorists on 1 January (© Actu Toulouse)

Malus, Scrap Premium, Driving Licences … What Changes January 1st for Motorists

Many changes are expected for motorists on the road in 2019, and there will not be only bad news. We take stock of the measures expected. On January 1st, and its share of changes. In early 2019 , some measures will change your daily life for motorists on the road. Some were voted in the wake of the movement of yellow vests to […]

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In front of driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, it is the speeding gendarmes found on the roads of the Oise, last weekend

Normandy: 35 Driving Licenses Withdrawn from August 10th to 12th on the Roads of Oise

More than half of these driving licenses withdrawn in the Oise, result in particular, from driving under the influence of drugs or under the influence of narcotics. While on the week of August 6th to 12th, 2018, still four serious accidents were found on the roads of the department of Oise, the mobilisation of the police force was […]

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Apprentices at least 18 years will receive unconditional aid of 500 euros to pass the driving license

Driving license: An Aid of 500 Euros for all Apprentices

As part of the reform of learning, presented on Friday, the government promised aid of 500 euros for apprentices to facilitate obtaining a driving license. The government unveils on Friday reform of apprenticeship , which has given rise to the end of intense battles, especially between the MEDEF and regions, reluctant to share its control. The first […]

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15 Driving licences were suspended after road checks by gendarmes in the Mayenne department

Mayenne: Fifteen Driving Licenses Withdrawn in One Week

Between 23 and 29 February, the Gendarmes carried out new checks on the roads of Mayenne. 15 driving license have been suspended. The Mayenne police and gendarmes, have once again been mobilized on the roads of Mayenne.  Fifteen driving licenses were suspended.  Eleven of them were for driving under the influence of alcohol, five for a […]

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Road safety in Mayenne

Road safety in Mayenne. 14 Licence Suspensions in One Week

Between Tuesday 18 and Monday, August 24, 14 driving licences were suspended in Mayenne. This figure comes as many accidents occurred on roads. The prefecture confirmed that between Tuesday 18th  and Monday 24th August, 14 drivers have had their driving licences suspended.  Nine of them were for a period of six months (five due to drinking […]

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Young man caught speeding at 174 km/h

No Driving License, under the influence of drugs, and travelling at 174 km/h

The young driver was arrested Wednesday morning on the Rennes / Nantes … Despite calls for caution, reckless drivers continue to plague the roads of Brittany.  On Wednesday morning around 9:20, a young 20 year old driver from Rennes, was recorded at a speed of 174 km/ h on the dual carriageway between Rennes and […]

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Driving without a license might just get you a Fine

Driving Without a License Could Soon be Resolved by a Fine

A bill will be presented Friday by the Minister of Justice, reports “La Croix” … Driving without a driving license may soon no longer be a crime, but be settled with a simple Fine. This is the meaning of a bill to be presented by the Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira at the Council of Ministers […]

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