Parcoursup: The First Results are In, Which is Waiting for Future Students

General News
Students start receiving offers on Parcousup from May 15th

The end of the school year is becoming clearer as is the future direction of thousands of high school students in France. This May 15th, they will be numerous offers to receive a first answer of Parcoursup.

Students preparing to enter higher education will begin to receive answers after their vows have been formulated. Parcousup enters the admission phase on Wednesday 15th May, 2019 , at 7pm, until July 19th.

This platform is now essential for “all high school students, apprentices, students who wish to enroll in the first year of higher education (licenses, BTS, DUT, CPGE, engineering schools, schools of nursing, social work institutes , etc.) “, is it recalled on the website .


“During the phase of reception and acceptance of admission proposals, they will receive admission proposals as and when and continuously , recalls the rectorate of the Academy of Caen . Every morning, before the start of school hours, the candidates’ files will be updated. Each time a candidate makes a choice between several admission proposals , he will vacate a seat for another candidate who will also wish to take the same course. The situation of each student will evolve over the days. ”

The Rectorate emphasizes that this admission phase will be suspended during the baccalaureate written exams.

Reply duration

All proposals must be answered within the indicated timeframe , as stated by the Rectorate:

“The response time is indicated in front of each of your wishes in your Parcoursup folder. Response times are suspended during Bac exams.”

It should be noted that “if you do not respond to a proposal for admission on time, you lose all the admission proposals made to you and your wishes on hold”.

Specific cases

Support is possible in “specific situations”: students with disabilities or with a disabling medical condition , high-level athletesstudents with families .

“If they can not find a training adapted to their specific needs, they have the possibility of asking the Rector to reconsider their application. “

The big steps

The admission phase begins this May 15th . From June 25, a complementary phase will allow to make new vows “for the formations which have places available”, until September 14th at 11.59pm .

This stage point is the first step, number 1 is the one where we confirms his choices . You can also activate an answering machine when you are sure of your choices. It answers your place to the admission proposals received.

From  July 6th , the day after the results of the Bac, new step to confirm its choices if it is not done. Students who do not have a proposal for admission may request support from the higher education access commission (CAES) of their academy. The July 19th ends the intake phase , and we must have definitively confirmed its choice of registration.

Waiting lists

For students on the waiting list, you must know that it is changing “based on the responses of candidates who have received a proposal for admission or candidates who waive their wishes on hold”.

In the “Admission” section of Parcoursup, the candidate is informed by clicking on ”  More information on the waiting list  “, in front of each pending vow. The information communicated: “Your position on the waiting list, the total number of candidates on the waiting list, the number of places in the training, if the information is available and usable, the rank of the last candidate called in 2017-2018 “.

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