Cherbourg: A Man Arrested in a State of Drunkenness … and Without a Driving License

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Man arrested in Cherbourg for being drunk and no driving license

On the night of Sunday to Monday, in Cherbourg, a man was arrested around 1 am by the police. He was drunk and did not have a driver’s license …

In the night from Sunday to Monday, around 1 am, the police intercepted a motorist who was lurching rue du Val-de-Saire,  Cherbourg .

The man was drunk, with a rate of 0.74 mg of alcohol per liter of blood .

In addition, he was driving without a driving license, which had been cancelled for previous offenses.

Placed in custody, he was summoned to court on prior recognition of guilt. In recurrence, he incurs the confiscation of his car

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