Explosion in Lyon: A Second Suspect Arrested

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Investigators at the scene of the parcel bomb attack that left 13 people injured in Lyon, May 25th

This Monday 27th May, 2019, three days after the parcel bomb attack on Lyon, which left 13 wounded, two people were arrested.

A 24-year-old man, suspected of being the author of the parcel bomb attack that left 13 people injured on Friday, May 24, 2019 in Lyon, was arrested Monday in the same city and placed in custody.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced his arrest very quickly on Twitter, congratulating the police who were tracking the suspect on the run for three days.

Shortly after, the Mayor of Lyon,Gérard Collomb announced on BFMTV that a second suspect had been arrested. Confirming the information of the former Minister of the Interior, the prosecutor of Paris, responsible for the case, said it was a “high school student”, a member of the family circle “of the first arrested man. Both are of Algerian nationality.

Student in computer science

An investigation was opened on Friday for “attempted murders in connection with a terrorist company and criminal terrorist criminal conspiracy”.

The first arrested suspect aged 24 was arrested on the public road at 9:55 in the 7th arrondissement by the judicial police of Lyon as part of a spinning from his home, where investigators feared the presence of explosive, after a source close to the folder.

According to Mr. Collomb, this is a computer science student who was quietly arrested on the way down from a bus.


Images of a suspect, captured by municipal CCTV cameras, were quickly released by the authorities, and an unidentified DNA was also found on the bag that exploded Friday at 5.30pm in front of a bakery on a shopping street from the centre of Lyon.

According to a source close to the file, there are strong suspicions that the explosive used was TATP (triacetone tripeoxide), in small quantities. This very unstable explosive craft had been used in the jihadist attacks committed in Paris on November 13, 2015.

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Paper bag

The explosion caused 13 light injuries, nine women including a 10-year-old child and four men. Eleven of them were hospitalized, some to be operated on in order to extract shards.

The parcel bomb, a brown paper bag placed on the concrete block where the suspect had stopped by bike near the bakery, contained screws, metal balls and batteries, and a printed circuit board. remote trigger.

The police had called for witnesses Friday evening by broadcasting photos of the suspect, carrying a backpack, a cap and glasses hiding his face. According to a judicial source, more than 250 calls were received 24 hours later at 197, the number opened by the authorities.

No claim

The Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz had visited the scene Friday night with the Minister of the Interior. “All means” are “implemented to quickly reach the identification and the questioning of the author of the facts”, dressed at the time of the facts of a “light green bermuda”, a “green shirt” dark with raised sleeves “and” black shoes “, said the magistrate Saturday in front of the press in Lyon.

No evidence has filtered at this stage on the profile or motives of the suspect and the act has not been claimed.

In a first reaction Friday, President Emmanuel Macron had raised “an attack” but a tweet sent later was more cautious, lamenting simply “the violence that has fallen” on the Lyonnais.

Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet had said Friday night that it was “too early” to mention “a terrorist act”.

France has experienced since 2015 a wave of unprecedented jihadist attacks that has made a total of 251 deaths. The latest one killed five people and wounded 10 on December 11, 2018 in Strasbourg (north-east).

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